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29 May 2009 @ 11:13 am
Reading constant updates from #aslym is making me laugh.

The first day of the con has barely begun, and Jared is already causing trouble. Apparently he's stuck in Heathrow, which caused an hour and a half delay in registration. And apparently the hotel is hot and the lines are moving slowly.

ETA1: J2 photos have been pushed back because of Jared's delay. And because tickets are missing? What's going on, people?!
ETA2: Both boys are present and were spotted in the hotel (and clean shaven, mwhaha). All seems hopeful now!
ETA3: There was a Misha sighting!
ETA4: J2 photos have started. Apparently both boys are seated and have asked for no hugging. Hm.
ETA5: Woww, people are saying Jensen's hair is about the length it was on Dawson's Creek. Huh.
ETA6: Girls are getting yelled at for putting arms around Jared to pose for the picture even. Crazy.
ETA7: WE HAVE FIRST PICTURE! From a cell, so not exciting quality. BUT BOYS! ♥
ETA8: A better photo of Jensen, thanks to anastdean.

ETA9: Haha, someone's tweet: "apparently Jensen was telling everyone one of the reasons they weren't touching anyone was because Jared was giving everyone swine flu."

I'm definitely watching the tweet thread as much as possible today, and will update this post with anything major.

I hope everyone has fun at Asylum regardless!
28 May 2009 @ 08:29 am
Friday the 13th is due to be released on DVD and Blu-ray (as well as most OnDemand, where available) on June 16th!

According to this site, the special features on the Killer Cut edition are as follows:

-- Extended Feature Film (109 min)
-- Rebirth of Jason Vorhees – An in-depth look at the reintroduction of a Horror Legend. Hear from cast and crew as they detail the development of this new Jason, from the early “sack head” Jason, through the development of the new “hockey mask” look.
-- Additional Scenes
-- Digital Copy Online for $1.99

-- Extended Cut (109 min)
-- Rebirth of Jason Vorhees - In-depth look at the reintroduction of a Horror Legend. Hear from cast and crew as they detail the development of this new Jason, from the early “sack head” Jason, through the development of the new “hockey mask” look.
-- Additional Scenes
-- PIP with Trivia Track - Test your knowledge of the blood, guts, and gore with a trivia track spanning the entire franchise, featuring exclusive behind the scenes footage from the film. (RT: Duration of the film)
-- Hacking Back / Slashing Forward - Take a look back at what made the original Friday the 13th one of the most successful horror franchises in film history. Listen to the cast as they share their memories from the original film and hear why it was important to give the series a fresh start, while honoring the classic elements from the original.
-- The 7 Best Kills - On the set with Jason, the victims, and filmmakers giving a comprehensive look at how all the blood will be shed! (RT: 15:00) (Play All and Individually Selectable)
-- Sneak peak of upcoming horror Trick R Treat
-- Share your Friday the 13th passion through My Commentary
-- Organize a viewing party with Live Community Screening
-- Digital Copy On Disc

If you don't have this movie already, seriously, GO BUY IT.
You won't be disappointed. It really is a good move all around.

The supply run scene behind the cut.Collapse )
26 May 2009 @ 07:37 am
The Orlando Sci-Fi Examiner listed their top 10 TV hunks for the upcoming season.

Jared and Jensen were both on the list, coming in at number 6 and number 3, respectively. Only beaten out by two other CW actors, Paul Wesley (from the upcoming Vampire Diaries) at number 2, and Tom Welling (Smallville) at number 1.
24 May 2009 @ 04:31 pm
This video just cracks me up. Made by the fabulous hefreak. ♥


With summer pretty much upon us now, a handful of people are doing what they call "Summer of..." picture posts of our Supernatural boys. If you haven't seen them around, below is the list along with links. They're worth checking out, as awesome pictures have already been displayed!

Summer of J2 by jenniferkaos is going on here.
Summer of Jared by cologne_chick is going on here.
Summer of Jensen by country_bee is going on here.
Summer of Misha by edwardsvamplove is going on here.
Summer of Jim by acidquill is going on here.
Summer of Jeff by edwardsvamplove is going on here.

Unrelated to the summer of posts, but anyone else find it funny how many J-named actors they employ on the show? All except one of the leading men.
22 May 2009 @ 07:49 pm
In case you haven't seen it around.

Title: The Gay Newlywed Game
Author: daisiesdaily (aka subjectneeded)
Rating: PG
Word count: 2,157
Pairing: Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, Christian Kane/Steve Carlson, Danneel Harris/Sandra McCoy
Disclaimer: Don't know them. Never happened. Its called fiction for a reason.
Author's Note: This is serious CRACK. goodbyetoyou was on a kick watching reruns of this show, and she mentioned it to me as a fic. So I searched youtube for clips... and these questions and answers were taken directly an episode clip I found. Somehow they miraculously fell into place. Feedback on this would be awesome, as I don't even know if I'll continue it, lmao. ANYWAY. Completely un-beta'd, as I wanted to get it done and posted. So, my apologies for any mistakes in it.

( The host was a studly man... )
Am I alone in saying these two looked absolutely STUNNING here? Seriously. They're just so gorgeous, it cannot be contained.

Cause Jensen's kind of a big deal.
+36 pictures.Collapse )
20 May 2009 @ 01:12 pm
The lack of J2 pictures on the green carpet from this event saddens me. But there's some gorgeous shots of them seperate.

Plenty of green to be had.Collapse )

And of course, the popular padaglomp.